The Tryllion Group – Who We Are

The Tryllion Group is an investment company focused on undervalued real estate opportunities. These real estate opportunities include defaulted mortgages, real estate owned (forclosed properties known as “REO”), and hard money lending to other qualified real estate investors.

We think investors should be able to yield more from their investments while doing the right thing. Our investment opportunities allow you to earn a return while giving more homeowners access to quality housing and improved neighborhoods.

The Tryllion Group’s success can be accredited to the strategic method in which we distribute capital to our network of carefully vetted partners. We implement risk-mitigating investment policies and guidelines to safeguard our investors’ funds.

Our mission is to grow investors’ wealth passively through increased cashflow and capital accumulation; and to help distressed homeowners stay in their homes while improving neighborhoods and communities across the country.

What We Invest In

Mortgage Notes

The Tryllion Group purchases non-performing mortgage notes at deep discounts from banks and other investment sources. Once acquired, notes enter a rehabilitation process where mortgages, having the flexibility of many different exit strategies will be used to maximize profits in order to either re-perform for cashflow, or be liquidated for return of capital.

Real Estate Owned - REO

Banks often sell their REOs alongside their non-performing notes. The Tryllion Group will purchase REO at steep discounts from their current fair market value for resale to third-party investors or end user buyers. In addition to single family assets, purchased REO may also include small commercial properties. Third-party buyers may hold the REO(s) for rental, or rehabilitate and sell to an owner occupant buyer.

Private Lending

The Tryllion Group will extend hard money loans to qualified investors in the shorter term, and will command appropriate interest rates and points on the funds loaned. Hard-money lending is a perfect fit as an additional income stream for REO properties that have been awarded via a foreclosure or purchased and subsequently sold by The Tryllion Group. Only the most experienced and proven investors and strategic partners will have access to hard-money lending from The Tryllion Group.

Commercial & Multi-Family

Larger Commercial projects, such as apartment buildings, mobile home parks, self-storage, etc. can involve The Tryllion Group who will raise funds to purchase the project, with the intent to add value via renovation, which will allow for an increase in rents that equal market level rents, in order to re-sell for a profit in a few years.

What We Do

  • Invest capital across numerous real estate opportunities
  • Work only with vetted, experienced real estate professionals​​
  • Administer capital via direct lending, secured by property and other concessions, to investors
  • Practice full transparency

Our Approach

  • Diversification in different markets and asset classes
  • Maintaining control and decision-making power over exit strategies
  • Extensive due diligence
  • Low loan to asset ratios
  • Multiple exit strategies used to monetize the improved value of the assets
  • Strategic partnerships with asset managers, buyers, and other real estate investors